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When you hit more quality shots per practice session, you’ll play better.

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This is Power Tee

The Ultimate Golf Improvement Workstation.

Power Tee is the number one automated golf ball teeing system in the world. It provides hours of productive practice and is installed in more than 60% of the ranges in the U.K. and Ireland, including renowned locations such as St. Andrews, The Belfry, Wentworth Club, Celtic Manor and Dromoland Castle Golf and Country Club.

About the Power Tee Improvement Workstation:

  1. Built-in alignment system
  2. Automatic tee to keep you focused and “in the zone”
  3. Multiple tee heights to accommodate any club
  4. Setup is easy to monitor
  5. Power Tee practice allows you to eliminate environmental variables
  6. No dirty clubs, clogged grooves, sandy contact, or uneven lies

Benefits of Power Tee for Skill Improvement:

  1. The fastest way to a better swing
  2. Proper stance results in substantially increased shot accuracy
  3. Maximum repetitions build muscle memory
  4. Maximum repetitions build confidence
  5. Practicing on a proven commercial-grade system builds consistency

The Power Tee automatic teeing system helps golfers of all ages and skill levels by providing a consistent experience with a solid - and proven - product used worldwide.

Golfer Benefits

The Power Tee Golf Improvement Workstation helps golfers build a base for excellence. It’s what Power Tee is all about – it builds skills quickly because golfers can hit more quality shots per practice session in a consistent practice environment.

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Driving Range Benefits

Power Tee increases driving range revenues by 25% to 40%. Power Tee enhances a range’s appeal and facilitates a huge demographic growth in ladies, juniors, seniors, beginners and reduced mobility golfers.  Power Tee is a huge competitive advantage over neighboring ranges and deters competition by raising the barriers to entry.

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Golf Course Benefits

Power Tee has helped country clubs increase their member value and attract new member families. Its appeal lies not only in increased member enjoyment at practice, but also in preserving the quality of the grass on the driving range. Happy members leads to more practice time - and better scores.

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