“Practice isn't the thing you do once you're good. It's the thing you do that makes you good.” Malcolm Gladwell, Outliers: The Story of Success

Power Tee Benefits & Competitive Advantage - Individual


General benefits for any golfer:

• Build Muscle Memory

• Understand small swing changes by maintaining stance, grip and posture between shots

• Work on rhythm

• Two great practice surfaces (best quality mats available on the market)

• Multiple tee heights (up to 24 available adjustments)

• Multiple practice drills surrounding automation can be used to improve various swing ailments; these drills only being possible when the ball is automatically teed up


Benefits for kids – beginners and enthusiasts:

• Gain interest in a well-respected sport that they will potentially play for decades

• Power Tee inspires young people to practice – they love the magic of it and appreciate the technology side of the system

• Power Tee removes all of the work associated with hitting golf balls, which leaves just the pleasure


Benefits for low-handicap golfers:

• For prolific practisers and professionals, the risk of injury is constant. For tour players, an injury is expensive (at best) and possibly career-threatening (at worst). Power Tee’s mat systems are engineered to hugely reduce shock and risk of any joint injury.

• For technical golfers who understand the dynamics of hitting a golf ball, Power Tee offers a completely repeatable environment, which facilitates experimentation and consistent repetition.


Benefits for handicap or elderly golfers:

• Disabled people have a limited number of sports and leisure activities available to them.  Power Tee makes the act of hitting a golf ball available to a wide range of disabled and/or restricted-mobility people.

• Elderly golfers often have golf as their only form of exercise. As time goes by, it becomes harder for people to bend over to tee up balls.  Power Tee can help older golfers to practice and maintain their performance and desire to play for many years, just by saving them the effort of bending over fifty plus times in a practice session.

• Power Tee reduces the risk of shock injury during practice, which becomes greater with age.


Benefits of practicing on a Power Tee over a grass surface

In addition to the setup benefits, Power Tee offers a far more stable environment for feedback than a grass teeing area.  Undulations in stance and lie are not desirable in a practice setting. If a golfer moves back 6 inches to find an unused piece of grass to hit from, and their heel drops into an old seeded divot, there is a significant change required in setup for a good shot to be played.  As a golfer takes divots, the club face becomes contaminated with grass, sand and dirt, clogging up grooves and changing the way the ball reacts with the club face. Most golfers do not have the time or discipline to clean either the ball or the club before each shot. As you may be aware from playing golf, the smallest amount of sand/dirt between the club and the ball, can drastically affect the outcome of a shot.


Example: If someone brings a friend to a grass range and they hit 50 balls, they will likely have very few rewarding shots and will learn that golf is hard and that they are not very good at it.  IF, however, that same person’s first experience of hitting balls is on a Power Tee, they will work their way into a functional (if not good) setup and start hitting good shots.  When they do, they will have a good chance of repeating the good shot because they can maintain setup (* see REP Golf®). Our real-life data will show that if a person hits good shots and has fun, there is a good chance that they will come back to hit more buckets of balls in the near future. This benefits the new individual golfer, the range business, and the golf industry!


These are some of the reasons why Leathermans Golf Center in Charlotte, NC, experienced record ball sales in a recession after closing two thirds of its grass tee line in favor of Power Tee.


In summary, here is a list of benefits of practicing on a Power Tee over a grass surface:

• Keep clubs and grooves clean

• Consistent stance

• Consistent tee height

• Shot quality is down to you, nothing else

• No embarrassment for beginners digging up tee line

• No joint pain from shock to new and old golfers

• Reduce wear on clubs and blunting of grooves from repeated sandy contact

• Flatters beginners and makes practice more rewarding and enjoyable

• Saves seniors from bending over to tee up balls

• Aid to handicapped golfers

• Lower grass tee line turf care costs when Power Tee is offered as an option

• Hugely more attractive to children and families on first contact with game


Benefits of Power Tee for skill development

• The fastest way to a better swing

• Proper stance results in substantially increased shot accuracy

• Maximum repetitions build muscle memory

• Maximum repetitions build confidence

• Practicing on a proven commercial grade system builds consistency


The Power Tee automatic teeing system helps golfers build a base for excellence. It’s what Power Tee is all about – it builds skills quickly because golfers can get hundreds of more “shots” per practice session in a controlled practice environment. Our aim is that the golfer (new or seasoned) witnesses quick results, which makes practice fun, instead of frustrating.


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