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Power Tee increases driving range revenues by 25% to 40%. Power Tee enhances a range’s appeal and facilitates a huge demographic growth in ladies, juniors, seniors, beginners and reduced mobility golfers.  Power Tee represents a huge competitive advantage over neighboring ranges and also deters competition in an area by raising the barriers to entry.

Driving Range Benefits

Driving Range Benefits

Over the last recession, the participation in the golf industry noticeably declined. As this decline has started to reverse itself, the golf industry still needs to compete harder for new participants. The attributes of Power Tee have proven to attract and retain newcomers to an activity by making it fun, easy, and seeing quick results.

  • Attract young golfers and make the game instantly more accessible - and more fun!
  • Retain beginner golfers - practice is more enjoyable and rewarding from a Power Tee
  • Grow range usage at busy sites, hence growing the number of golfers
  • Improve golfers more quickly
  • Grow the competitive pool of US golfers

How Does Power Tee add value to your business?

Driving Ranges

Among the 400+ operators of Power Tee across the UK, Europe and North America, the consensus is that Power Tee increases ball rentals around 25%, and up to 50% in certain cases.

Repeat Purchase

Power Tee makes hitting balls easier, quicker, more rewarding and more fun. These effects combine in different ways to inspire the golfer to buy a second/larger bucket of balls when they visit the range.

Key Groups

The key groups identified are ladies, juniors, seniors and beginners. Power Tee appeals to each of these groups in a different way. Seniors, for example, like the fact that Power Tee makes practicing easy on the back. Juniors love the technology, and beginners find that holding a consistent setup helps them to hit a higher percentage of rewarding and enjoyable shots.

Geographical Customer Base Growth

By improving the experience at the range, Power Tee will draw golfers from greater distances to practice. It has been proven that golfers prefer to practice on Power Tee over standard mats.

Customer Demographic Broadening

Practicing from a mat or worn out section of turf can be hard work. If you are not hitting the ball well, range practice has little going for it as a “leisure activity”. Power Tee helps to make the range fun, and as such, the range becomes a leisure destination for a much wider audience than at a non-automated practice center.