Power Tee is the Ultimate Golf Improvement Workstation, perfect for both the golf enthusiast, as well as the encouraging parent of a budding golfer.

Here are some of reasons why you might want to purchase a Power Tee for your home:

·    You’re an avid golfer and you want to hone your skills in the convenience of your home or backyard

·    You’re a supportive parent wanting your child golfer to be the best they can be at all times

·    You want to place a Power Tee in your Simulation Room

·    You want to place a Power Tee (and net) next to your backyard home putting green

·    You want a Power Tee for your vacation home or yacht!

Whatever the reason, Power Tee will help you and your loved ones get better at golf - quicker ... or at a minimum, stay on top of your game with an efficient daily practice regimen. But don’t take our word for it – Mitchell Spearman has a Power Tee with net in his garage, and warms up every morning by hitting at least 50 golf balls before he leaves his house.  Further, he attributes much of his daughter's success and interest in golf to Power Tee.

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Option 1 - A boxed unit for self-installation                                 

Estimated Unit Price:  $4,500

Estimated cost of shipping:  $300-$500

Included is a set of installation drawings as well as an installation manual. We offer technical support for your licensed contractor prior to and throughout the installation.

Dimensions: Actual dimensions are 5’ x 5’; please allow enough space around the unit – recommended is 8’ x 8’ and ceiling height of at least 10’.

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Option 2 - Custom install                                                                                                                                   

Options to install into concrete or build wood platform; additional costs apply for platform option

Estimated Unit Price - Pre-Installed:  $4,500

Estimated cost of shipping:  $300-$500

Estimated Cost for Labor/Supplies:  $1,500 - $2,500

Custom install – the total cost of this option will depend on the specific installation; Power Tee will send an experienced installer to professionally install your unit into your desired location. Additional costs include travel, labor, lodging and per diem.

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Standard warranty includes 5-year return-to-base warranty on the Ball Engine and Control Panel. 

 * Retail sales for home-use are excluded from our commercial warranty. All home-use units are strictly prohibited from being used at a commercial range/facility. All warranties are void where prohibited.  

Golfers / Home Owners

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The tee has up to 40 adjustable tee heights (4 standard). To adjust the height you simply touch the lower button on the control panel. The adjustable tee heights mean there is always a tee height perfect for the club you are practicing


Power Tee

Power Tee is the world’s premier automated teeing system and currently possesses a 60% market penetration into golf ranges throughout the UK and Europe, including 4 Ryder Cup venues and the Home of Golf, St. Andrews. In 2017 we celebrated our 21st year anniversary. Power Tee offices are in Ponte Vedra, FL and Swindon, UK, and our units are currently in ranges in 15 countries, and account for teeing up over 6 million balls every day. We are endorsed by Open Champion and 2018 USA Ryder Cup Captain, Jim Furyk. We are also endorsed by Mitchell Spearman, Elite Golf Instructor to many PGA professionals.