The Power Tee Golf Improvement Workstation helps golfers build a base for excellence. It’s what Power Tee is all about – it builds skills quickly because golfers can hit more quality shots per practice session in a consistent practice environment.


Low Handicap Golfer


- Stay completely focused over the ball

- Use the consistent setup to better understand how small changes in setup effect ball flight

- Power Tee surfaces reduce shock through the club shaft and hence reduce risk of injury 

- Reduced wear on golf clubs from the grinding effect of a sandy tee line 

- Use Power Tee's dual mats for perfect alignment every time

- Without constant setup fluctuations, Power Tee can be used by good golfers to understand shot shaping, making minor adjustments to see effect on ball flight


Mid-High Handicap Golfer


- Perfect the setup position by using a clean, repeatable environment

- Promotes excellent rhythm by automating the timing of when the next ball is struck - staying in a good setup and focusing on rhythm to build tempo

- Use perfect repetition to build muscle memory quickly

- Power Tee facilitates better ball striking, growing confidence

- Multiple tee heights give ability to hit balls from any tee height without having to reset

- Learn the basics of shot shaping by only changing the ball position from shot to shot, seeing how that affects ball flight

Beginner Golfers



Adjustable tee heights at the touch of a button

- Self-adjust to mishits from shot to shot due to being able to remain in the same setup position after each swing

- Learning what a proper setup looks like and not having to move from that position after each shot

Maintaining the same grip for multiple shots, no longer needing to let go of the grip to place the next ball in position

- Helps promote the golf swing to be reactionary (like other sports), by having a ball always ready to hit after the previous swing has been completed

- Hitting balls from a tee will provide more early success and build confidence quicker

Family Members



- If you want to enjoy golf with family, Power Tee offers an enjoyable opportunity to share the golfing experience and have some fun

- A stable environment allows beginners to enjoy swinging a club and hitting some rewarding shots – this makes for a more engaging golf experience!



Reduced shock on joints

- Adjustable tee heights at the touch of a button

- Great way to loosen up and stay fresh before playing a round of golf

- Keep clubs clean when practicing and get good contact with every shot

Build rhythm and confidence before playing a round of golf

Disabled or Wounded Golfers

- Power Tee has long supported many organizations that provide a golfing experience to elderly, restricted mobility, wounded, or other golfers who need a little help in teeing up the golf ball

- Power Tee is a proud supporter of Fairways for Warriors

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Power Tee

Power Tee is the world’s premier automated teeing system and currently possesses a 60% market penetration into golf ranges throughout the UK and Europe, including 4 Ryder Cup venues and the Home of Golf, St. Andrews. In 2017 we celebrated our 21st year anniversary. Power Tee offices are in Ponte Vedra, FL and Swindon, UK, and our units are currently in ranges in 15 countries, and account for teeing up over 6 million balls every day. We are endorsed by Open Champion and 2018 USA Ryder Cup Captain, Jim Furyk. We are also endorsed by Mitchell Spearman, Elite Golf Instructor to many PGA professionals.