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Control Panel

with LED display

Control Panel with ball counter and multiple adjustable tee height. Easily keep track of number

of balls hit.




  Fiberbuilt mat — the best synthetic grass for golf practice

in the world.

Strike Detection

Professional athletes have long understood the need for repetition when honing their skills. Power Tee revolutionizes practice and helps you build muscle memory, confidence, accuracy, and consistency.

Ball Hopper

Pour golf balls into the hopper by opening the lid on the side of the mat. The hopper holds up to 100 golf balls.

Automated Ball System

with Adjustable

Tee Heights


After the ball has been hit it is automatically replaced with another until all the balls

are used.


The tee has up to 40 adjustable tee heights (4 standard). To adjust the height you simply touch the lower button on the control panel. The adjustable tee heights mean there is always a tee height perfect for the club you are practicing

Power Tee is the World Leader in Automatic Teeing System

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