REP Golf® - Repeatable Environment Practice


REP Golf® - Repeatable Environment Practice


Additional Benefits of Power Tee – Complete endorsement of REP Golf® (Repeatable Environment Practice) by Top PGA Golf Trainer, Mitchell Spearman


• Mitchell Spearman dubs Power Tee as the Unfair Advantage – proposes that Power Tee is one of the most prolific inventions in golf’s 550-year history, a technology that clearly allowed it to dominate UK practice facilities in under 10 years; calls Power Tee a “game changer.”

• Spearman helped Martin Wyeth (Power Tee CEO) develop REP Golf®, assisting golfers to train in under 20 minutes per day, improving rhythm, timing, setup, and overall fundamentals – this leads to a better golf swing and results in more fun, both in practice and play.

• REP is a concept that is embedded in human achievement – similar to a concert pianist playing countless scales and a race car driver driving endless laps, a golfer must hit thousands of practice balls; Power Tee aids this practice by providing a controlled environment to enhance improvement.

• To fully understand and appreciate our REP Golf® concept, one must understand the difference between playing, practicing and preparing to play golf.


 No Masters winner ever faced the 18th green at Augusta on the final day and thought “if I’m a bit wider on the takeaway and hold on longer in the downswing I might get a nicer ball flight”.  Different players have different mental approaches to critical shots but we guarantee you that none include experimenting over crucial shots – Power Tee enables this experimentation.


Experimenting and changing are practice activities and are generally followed by lots of repetition. Te environment we practice in is as important to improvement as the practice that we perform.


Drills: Mitchell Spearman explains how using Power Tee to maintain a stable setup between shots and practicing from an unchanging environment will benefit each and every golfer, no matter what skill level.


• Due to the fact that there are many factors that affect a golfer’s swing, by automatically replacing the ball, Power Tee allows the golfer to maintain close control over all of the major setup elements to the golf swing.

• Tour players have long understood the benefits of REP practice when trying to find their rhythm with a certain club – Power Tee helps you practice and gain confidence like the pros do.


Stay tuned to our website, email campaign and Facebook pages: As Power Tee’s Lead Trainer, Mitchell Spearman will be releasing a series of exercises to make you a better golfer, faster.






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