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Posted by Alyssa Lamp on August 16, 2018 at 11:40 AM
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 ...and on the 16th day of August, the "Raise Your Game" Power Tee Blog was born!

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Hello golf fans/players/professionals of all ages! You are looking at the brand new Power Tee blog, and we can't wait to give you tips, facts, news and stories! We will be posting several times a week, and we hope you'll subscribe to us using the box to the right. 

Quick about me: my name is Kim, and I'm one of the Marketing and Social Media Specialists here at Power Tee. I graduated from Florida State University, I love cats and THE PLAYERS Championship, I liked Brooks Koepka before he won 3 majors, and if mini-golf was a professional sport, I would be enshrined in the Hall of Fame.


You'll be hearing from me every week, along with the husband and wife owners of Power Tee and many other members of our team, both in the U.S. and across the world! 

Power Tee's slogan is "Raise Your Game", and we thought that would be the perfect title for the blog because it doesn't matter where your starting point is - as long as you raise it!


With this blog, we hope to tell stories. Our team has a lot of unique experiences from selling, installing, traveling and playing all over the world. We won't just tell stories about Power Tee - though there will be a lot of those - but about golf as a whole, how it has impacted lives, families, and communities. Golf is a unifying force; we may not all speak the same language or have the same beliefs, but driving a ball and sinking a putt (or missing one) is something we can all relate to.


This blog will be for people of all golf levels: whether you are just starting out, high handicap (like myself...), low handicap, golf professionals, or just the golf fan who likes to watch Tiger in his Sunday Red on the couch with a beer (also like myself). It is also for golfers of all ability levels: one of our most proud accomplishments at Power Tee is giving disabled, injured, wounded, or senior golfers the ability to enjoy the game again, and we will be telling inspirational stories about them and for them here as well! 

Also, please feel free to leave comments below, email me at, or tweet us at @powerteegolf. Otherwise I'm just talking to myself, and that's awfully lonely! 


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