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Driving Range

Installing Power Tee at your driving range will increase your revenues by 25% to 40%. How can Power Tee do this?

Power Tee enhances a range’s appeal and facilitates a huge demographic growth in ladies, juniors, seniors, beginners and reduced mobility golfers.  Power Tee represents a huge competitive advantage over neighboring ranges, and deters competition in an area by raising the barriers to entry.

You can have all of this, and cover the cost of your Power Tees, with just a 1¢ increase per ball.

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Over the last recession, the participation in the golf industry noticeably declined. As this decline has started to reverse itself,
the golf industry still needs to compete harder for new participants. When Power Tee is installed in a driving range, it has been proven
to attract newcomers to the range by making golf easy and fun, and by offering instant gratification to new golfers.

How Does Power Tee add value to your business?

Power Tee adds value to your range business in a five-tiered approach:


Driving Ranges

Among the 400+ operators of Power Tee across the UK, Europe and North America, the consensus is that Power Tee increases ball rentals around 25%, and in excess of 50% in certain cases. When customers don’t have to pause between strikes, they can hit more balls over a period of time. This leads to more balls sold, more customers hitting, and higher revenues. For grass ranges, Power Tee helps keep your grass better maintained, since you don't have to hit off of it every single time you strike a ball. Power Tee also helps beautify your range and bring it into the 21st century with state-of-the-art ball teeing technology.


Repeat Purchase

Power Tee makes hitting balls easier, quicker, more rewarding and more fun. These effects combine to inspire the golfer to buy a second/larger bucket of balls when they visit the range. Additionally, customers who enjoy using Power Tee will want to come back and use it more often than a traditional range. Range owners who have installed Power Tees have received zero complaints about raising ball prices. Customers can clearly see the value.


Key Groups

The key groups identified are ladies, juniors, seniors and beginners. Power Tee appeals to each of these groups in a different way. Seniors, for example, like the fact that Power Tee makes practicing easy on the back. Juniors love the technology and fun aspect, and beginners find that holding a consistent setup helps them to hit a higher percentage of rewarding and enjoyable shots. This means that golfers don’t have to leave their kids and spouses at home when they come to the range, and more families will use the range than ever before.


Geographical Customer Base Growth

By improving the experience at the range, Power Tee will draw golfers from greater distances to practice. Power Tee gives your range a major advantage over your competitors' ranges.  It has been proven that golfers prefer to practice on Power Tee over standard mats.


Customer Demographic Broadening

Practicing from a mat or worn out section of turf can be hard work. If you are not hitting the ball well, range practice has little going for it as a “fun leisure activity”. Power Tee helps to bring the fun back into golf, and as such, the range becomes a leisure destination for a much wider audience than at a non-automated practice center. Not only will you have an advantage over traditional ranges, you will also attract individuals and families who are looking to have fun at a reasonable price.

Watch the video below to see Jim Furyk use Power Tee, and explain why he loves it.

The best part: you don't have to take our word for it.  

Read our testimonials below to see how Power Tee has helped other range owners earn more revenue, attract more customers, and beautify their ranges.