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5 Ways Industry Leaders are Increasing Revenue On Their Driving Range

Are you a range owner or golf club operator looking to make more money and take full advantage of the post covid golf boom?

Golf is continuing to grow at a rapid rate following the pandemic and off course participation has reached an all-time high. With so much attention to activities off the golf course, operators are investing heavily in their driving range and our reaping the benefits for doing so. Check out these 5 things industry leaders are doing to increase revenues.

Automate The Driving Range

As a country the United States has been behind in terms of advancements in the driving range. You travel to Europe or Asia and almost every driving range the ball is being teed up for you automatically. This technology has been around for 27 years, but just now are we seeing the big break through in the United States. The worlds #1 automated teeing system Power Tee has been making it’s way through the U.S as of late and can be found at some of the Top Driving Ranges in the country. With 40 different tee heights to choose from and industry leading hitting surfaces, Power Tee ranges are seeing somewhere between a 25-40% in revenue just by installing this system on the range. Power Tee attracts is broad audience with beginners, juniors, ladies and seniors being their main demographic.

Add Food + Beverage.

Everybody loves to eat and drink while hitting golf balls. What Top Golf has done is revolutionize the Driving Range experience and golf industry. What golf clubs and driving ranges alike are doing is making the range more of an experience and bringing in a wider range of golfers. While putting F&B on the range more families and friends are coming out and getting the same dining experience, they would get anywhere else, but ca now hit a bucket of balls too.

Add Gamification

Like Food & Beverage adding gamification has become a huge part in enhancing the overall driving range experience. Many places are adding gamification whether that be Inrange, Toptracer or Trackman. Now golfers are able to play course like Pebble Beach or St. Andrews from their local driving range. When you add the likes of gamification listed with the two bullet points above, ranges around the country are seeing an incredible spike in revenue.

Quality Golf Balls

Having quality golf balls is becoming an ever-important part of the driving range. It is no fun to go to a range where the balls are cut up and do not fly properly. By not having proper golf balls gamification and Automating your range will not work in the ways that it should. Take the time to invest in proper golf balls and you will not be disappointed.

Adding Shade To The Tee Line

Adding Shade or a cover to your driving range gives you the chance to be busy rain or shine. In the middle of the summer heat nobody wants to be hitting balls when the sun is beating down on you. The same goes for when it is raining, golfers are able to hit balls in the rain without worrying about getting wet.



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