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Arizona’s Bellair Golf Park Uses Power Tee for Optimal Efficiency

Jace Kuyper is the general manager of Bellair Golf Park – a busy Glendale, Arizona golf complex featuring an 18-hole short course and a gamified practice area that uses Power Tee in all 20 of his hitting bays.

Bellair has embraced the fun of golf and now enjoys busy daytime and nighttime business. “We have a variety of customers at nighttime is when our vibe is the highest. We have a lot of younger folks come out and use the range until 10 pm. We have bright targets on the range with lighting on it that looks like light sabers. It’s a golf atmosphere with a fun twist that’s been gamified,” he says. “Every other week, we do glow ball golf at night. We do summer night events with success. We will have a big inflatable water slide for kids or bring in a snow cone truck, offering ways to keep cool. The vibe is pretty electric, with a lot of fun, yelling and hollering.”
Bellair has seen expansive work on the driving range and golf course entryway since Kuyper and his team took over in June of 2021. “We gave Bellair a modern facelift, adding Toptracer Range, some technology to the range and we made things more open so you can walk up from any angle. We added a shade structure to the driving range and put in a food trailer right next to the range where people can grab a drink,” Kuyper says.
He reports only positive client response since the installation of Power Tee. “They didn’t see a price increase or anything like that; they only saw an experience increase,” he points out. “They like adjusting the tee heights. That’s fun. They also like that the ball comes out of the ground and makes it easier and more fun to hit ball after ball.”

Power Tee has made it possible for more of Bellair’s loyal patrons to enjoy the gamified hitting stations with shorter wait times. “Our average session time was about 115 minutes on our mats, before Power Tee,” Kuyper notes. “We go through 20,000 balls a day. There's no way that we can have a grass range with that sort of traction, so it has to be mats. With mats, you can’t put a tee in them very easily. So, with the functionality and timing of Power Tee, your ball is always teed up and ready to go. Before your current shot hits the ground, the next ball's ready to roll. Our average range session time is down to 60 minutes now. Golfers are getting through their balls a lot faster. We have a line at night – up to 60 people in that line, and we only have 20 hitting bays. So, it's important for us to be able to see some turnover.”

Another benefit of installing Power Tee at Bellair manifests in how well it pairs with Toptracer Range and makes the gamified aspects of the range more efficient.
“The gamified practice area came naturally to us. So many people seem excited about our driving range, so the gamification seemed like a natural next step.” Kuyper says. “It gives you something to do while you're drinking a beer, where golf isn't necessarily your main focal point. You've come to hang out, you're coming to have a relationship with somebody and chase friendship rather than golf. We want people to be involved in golf. So that's where we're centered around.”
Power Tee has also helped boost sales at Bellair because it keeps people engaged. For instance, the food truck is only open at night, so it’s netting about $500 extra per day now. 
Kuyper also points out that Bellair has a tidier, less worn look since Power Tee was installed there. “We've always been hitting off mats here, and the 20,000 balls hit here per day is a lot for 20 hitting bays. There's no way we could have grass. The Power Tee stations sit up about eight inches off the floor. Before Power Tee, the mat was level with the floor, so people would step forward and hit irons out of the grass. It quickly became nasty, ugly grass. Now that's not happening. People don't have a reason to step off the mat with Power Tee. They'll hit balls only off the mat, and that little section of grass right in front of them is good and pure green now. It's fertilized, easy to maintain, and really looks beautiful,” he says.
According to Kuyper, “The Power Tee team has been the easiest people to work with. They moved the needle for us and got stuff done. We were seeing profitability right away. The Power Tee stations had good traction right away. There's no question, it’s worth it. It's nice for people to be able to not have to tee up their ball. Once we had it up and running, it was worth it, for sure, I wish I had done it even sooner.”
Can the success of an approachable, fun-focused golf center like Bellair, that draws a varied clientele, be replicated all over the country?
“I absolutely feel like ours is a prototype venue that makes the game more accessible and fun and helps grow the game,” Kuyper suggests. “We have a unique course – it’s an executive layout with a couple of par-fours. But we’re fortunate to have wall-to-wall grass, so it's approachable. And even if you don't want to go play the golf course, the driving range is pretty next level here. You can go for an hour and buy a bucket of balls, and everything’s included – Toptracer and Power Tees are included without any upcharge.” 

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