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Arundel Golf Park Excited To Continue Partnership With Power Tee

Arundel Golf Park has renewed 20 machines with Power Tee as they look to continue to give their golfers the premier driving range experience.

Jim Kardash has been the owner of Arundel Golf Park located just outside of Baltimore, Maryland since 2001. Arundel Golf Park has been viewed as one of the Top Driving Range facilities in the country. With 72 bays and multiple GRAA Top 50 awards, Arundel Golf Park is the place to be if you’re looking to hit the driving range in Maryland.

In 2018 Power Tee approached Jim and his wife Renee about potentially installing at Arundel Golf Park. Ultimately, they decided they wanted to enhance the driving range and give the golfers a better experience and thought Power Tee could be the perfect fit. When asked about the decision to install, Jim said this, “We had been looking to make some upgrades to the range and wanted to give Power Tee a shot. Once we installed it was an overnight sensation and has been an overwhelming success. The golfers loved it, the Power Tee bays were always the first to fill up, and they still are. We have loved working with Power Tee and our golfers have enjoyed it too.

With the direction, golf has been heading, providing a better experience for all levels of golfers is becoming extremely important. Golf is only being more technology-driven and Power Tee finds itself at the forefront of that movement. Jim had this to say when asked what he would tell other ranges owners about Power Tee, “Give it a shot, if you are looking to enhance the golfer experience, this is the way to go. Power Tee is extremely convenient for golfers and offers 40 different tee heights, you won’t find many ranges that have that option unless you end up at a Power Tee range. The customer service is great, and we have enjoyed working with Power Tee and look forward to continuing our partnership with them.”

Power Tee owner Martin Wyeth is excited to continue its partnership with Jim & Renee at Arundel Golf Park. “We are happy to continue working with Arundel Golf Park and glad they signed back on for another 5 years. Jim & Renee run a great facility and I’m glad Power Tee gets to be a part of it.”

About Power Tee 

Power Tee is the world's premier automated teeing system and is currently installed and featured at 80% of the golf ranges in the U.K including St. Andrews, The Belfry, and Celtic Manor. Power Tee offices are in Jacksonville, FL, and Swindon, U.K., Power Tee is currently automating the bays in ranges in 18 countries, teeing up more than 6 million balls each day.   



About Arundel Golf Park

Arundel Golf Park is a premier Golf Driving Range in Ann Arundel County, Maryland. Double Deck tee line featuring 72 hitting bays. Our lower level is covered plus heated and enclosed during the winter. You’ll never need to miss a day of practice due to the weather. Power Tee, the world's #1 automated teeing system is featured in 20 of our hitting bays.


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