One of the top Power Tee Operators in the US: Chris Cote


“I recommend Power Tee to all ranges and course owners; it helps set you apart from all other driving ranges”

 Chris Cote has been in the golf industry for over 30 years now. Chris began his career working at Golf Warehouse working in golf retail & club repair. After working there for some time, he quickly learned that he could be doing this from the comfort of his own home. With a wife and young kids, he began to sell clubs on eBay. As his online business began to grow, he was running out of room to store clubs and golf accessories at home, his wife suggested he rent out space somewhere to store everything. Fast forward a decade later and Chris has two large retail stores, with indoor simulators as well as two full scale driving ranges.

 Working in the golf industry for as long as Chris has, he’s seen it all. Cote says, “I’ve seen golf at its highest and lowest points, when Tiger Woods stepped on the seen back in the late 90’s you saw the golf industry really take off. It was fascinating to see one human change an entire industry like that”. Around 2008 the golf industry was starting to sputter like many other things after the financial crisis. Chris was able to make it out alive and hasn’t looked back since. "Being able to make it out after the recession was huge for us, seeing the golf industry bounce from high to low then back up again has been quite the ride”. Cote stated that the Covid-19 pandemic has helped golf hit new highs. Golf is seeing more younger people get into the game and people are viewing it more so as an experience or fun night out. “Golf is entering into a more technology driven space and I think that is really helping bring out people from all ages and demographics”.


With golf headed in a more technology driven direction, Chris wanted to stay ahead of the curve. When Cote learned of Power Tee and all the benefits it has to offer, he thought it would be a perfect fit for his facilities. Chris Cote is recognized as one the of the top Power Tee operators here in the United States. With two driving ranges and one indoor simulator shop, there are more than 50 Power Tee units operating under Chris Cote. When asked about what made him want to install Power Tee Chris said this, “There were quite a few things that caught my attention. I really enjoyed the ease at which it can be used. Basically, the customer just has to pour their bucket into the hopper and the machine can do the rest. Prior to Power Tee I was getting a lot of complaints on the tee heights that went with our mats. Power Tee completely wiped away those complaints”. Power Tee has 4 standard tee heights, but up to 40 different heights you can choose from. If you hold down the small button on the control panel it will raise the tee in small increments. Along with the user-friendly abilities, Chris said the presentation on the range really helped sell him. “I really like how uniformed and pristine it makes our ranges look. There isn’t grass or dirt scattered throughout the range which helps keep it looking nice. I think Power Tee really helps separate us from all other ranges in the area”.


Be sure to check out Chris Cote as he continues to grow the game of golf at one of his four locations:

Chris Cote’s Golf Shop – Portland

- Chris Cote’s Golf Shop and Top tracer Range- Southington

- Chris Cote’s Golf Performance Center – Portland

- Indoor Golf at Chris Cotes


About Chris Cote Golf

At Chris Cote's Golf Shop, we believe everyone should be fit for golf clubs! A club fitting at Chris Cote's is the most efficient way to save you strokes and improve your game. We offer 2 levels of club fitting, all done with our nationally recognized club fitting staff, to make sure your investment lasts you for years to come! Indoor Golf at Chris Cote's in Portland and Southington is home to 4 climate-controlled hitting bays equipped with state-of-the-art Trackman simulation technology giving golfers in CT the opportunity to play golf year-round. With Top tracer Range, golfers can play virtual games, save practice sessions, and see global leaderboard from their bay. Play like a pro year-round with covered and heated tees at Chris Cote's Top Tracer Range. Chris Cote's Golf Driving Range and Performance Center in Portland, CT. This new driving range gives golfers in Central Connecticut views of Portland's rolling hills and access to Top tracer Technology, the most used shot tracing technology in golf.  

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