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Power Tee Guest Blog with CEO and Owner Martin Wyeth

26 years ago, Tiger Woods stepped on the scene where he would win his first PGA Tour event and begin his dominance on Tour for years to come. At this same time, Power Tee came on scene and would begin its own chase for greatness in the golf industry.

While at a charity event at the Wentworth Club many years ago, I was lucky enough to hear Gary Player speak. Player talked about Tiger and all his greatness, but it wasn’t for how far he hit the ball or how many strokes he would win by, it’s what led him to be able to do all that, his unwavering commitment to wanting to get better. These comments resonated with the me, it made me want to run Power Tee with the same attitude as Tiger. I have always been a fan of Tiger Woods. As an amateur golfer I cannot fathom what it takes to be that good, so my reasons for supporting Tiger are perhaps a little different than most of my customers.


While Power Tee has continued to ascend in the golf industry with the drive and determination similar to Tiger, I have often wondered, how would Tiger Woods run a golf range in today’s post Covid boom? Would Tiger bank on the Covid boom profit for as long as it lasts and then decide to fall back to pre-pandemic numbers, or would he seize every opportunity available to build his business and retain customers? I’d put my money on the latter.


I think Tiger would want to implement every conceivable strategy to grow his business. He would want to know where every sale was coming from and every technique to bring in more customers and become the best driving range or golf facility possible. With the trajectory the golf industry is on, we are seeing more and more range owners and operators taking advantage of it. The facilities that are implementing Power Tee are taking things to the next level and seeing revenue increases like never before. Power Tee is the perfect product if you are looking to grow your business and enhance your driving range’s overall experience.


Adopt the mindset of Tiger Woods and take advantage of the golf industry right now. Don’t be the range owner missing cuts and fighting to keep your tour status alive! Call Power Tee @ 877-769-3781 and we will show you how you can maximize your business now and into the future.



About Power Tee

Power Tee is the world's premier automated teeing system and is currently installed and featured at 80% of the golf ranges in the U.K including St. Andrews, The Belfry, and Celtic Manor. Power Tee offices are in Jacksonville, FL, and Swindon, U.K., Power Tee is currently automating the bays in ranges in 18 countries, teeing up more than 6 million balls each day.


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