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Power Tee Guest Blog with Nancy White, Owner of Mulligan’s Golf Center

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My name is Nancy White, Owner of Mulligan’s Golf Center in Harrisonburg, Virginia. I have owned Mulligan’s since 2003 and have loved every minute of it. I spent 11 years on the LPGA Tour and worked as head pro prior to taking over at Mulligan’s.

I wanted to take the time to discuss Power Tee and the revolution golf has gone through post Covid. This technology and entertainment takeover started with Top Golf and has worked its way down to golf clubs and driving ranges.

I first added Power Tee or “technology” to my range in 2020 after meeting with Matt Foley from Power Tee at the PGA Show. I wanted to give it a shot and see how my golfers would react to it, so I put in 5 right-handed bays and 1 left. In a few short weeks it became very apparent that our golfers loved using Power Tee, they were always the first bays people went to. The feedback was wonderful and knew I had made the right decision.

The 2021 PGA Show was completely remote due to Covid. While the turnout was not great and it was a very different feel, I walked away with one very important message from every conference or webinar I attended. Every industry professional and exhibitor stated, “If you don’t bring technology to your range, you will get left behind”.

Fast forward to present day and I now have a two-tier driving range with 20 Power Tee bays paired with Trackman monitors. I did not want to be left behind and knew that I needed to do something. Since upgrading to 20 Power Tee bays, I have seen revenue increases jump like I could have never imagined. Getting a feel for what they would do with our 6-bay system gave me the reassurance that upgrading was the right move.

If you are a range owner looking to enhance your range, I would suggest Power Tee as your first step. Having a chance to give it a try and get the golfers’ reaction gave me the confidence to upgrade to a full and complete system. From a business operator standpoint working with them has been wonderful and their service team does a great job, I never have to worry about machines being down. Don’t let your driving range get left behind, invest with Power Tee!

If you are interested in seeing Power Tee, give us a call at 1-877-769-3781 or email us at info@powertee.com

About Power Tee 

Power Tee is the world's premier automated teeing system and is currently installed and featured at 80% of the golf ranges in the U.K including St. Andrews, The Belfry, and Celtic Manor. Power Tee offices are in Jacksonville, FL, and Swindon, U.K., Power Tee is currently automating the bays in ranges in 18 countries, teeing up more than 6 million balls each day.  


About Mulligan’s Golf Center

Mulligan’s Golf Center is a golf practice facility, pro shop and miniature golf course that provides an inviting and fun environment for golfers of all ages and abilities. Our mission is to deliver an exceptional experience every time we have the opportunity by consistently serving our customers with enthusiasm, respect, knowledge, and honesty. New at Mulligan’s, a two-tier driving range with 20 Power Tee Bays and 20 Trackman Bays.

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