Power Tee Guest Blog with Nick Franze, Owner of Tee It Up in Oviedo, Florida

My name is Nick Franze, and I am the Owner and Operator of Tee it Up Driving Range in Oviedo, Florida. I have been the at Tee It Up for the last 32 years and have loved every second of it. My career in golf started on the mini tours, but when I bought what is now Tee It Up, it quickly became my career.

I am always trying to push Tee It Up forward and looking to improve the overall customer experience. When I first learned of Power Tee, I was very intrigued. I was originally an all-grass range and was questioning if I should change that. Ultimately, I decided to install Power Tee in the summer of 2019 and move away from an all-grass range. I now have half of the range on a platform with Power Tee and Top Tracer and the other half is still grass for those that like to hit off it.

In the past couple of years, we have seen golf go through a very interesting change as more and more people are getting into the sport. People are now participating in golf for the entertainment aspect and to enjoy a night out with friends and family. I think people need instant feedback, so they look for things that will give them a response, things like Power Tee and the Top Golf type atmosphere have made hitting balls fun, anybody can do it and come out and have a good time.

When I decided to install Power Tee, I was looking to enhance the overall look and feel of the driving range. What I loved about it was the choice to hit from different tee heights and the speed at which golfers can now hit balls. Customers have loved Power Tee since we installed them. We see a majority of our customers hitting off Power Tee and are extremely happy with our decision to put them in.

Since installing Power Tee we have seen an increase between 30- 50% in revenue. I think for other range owners that are looking to increase revenue and double the speed at which people are hitting balls, Power Tee is a no brainer.

Since Power Tee originally installed at Tee It Up in summer of 2019, Tee It Up has asked for more machines to be installed once in July of 2020 and then again in February of 2021.


About Tee It Up 

Tee It Up has been named a Top 50 Stand Alone Range in the United States with Power Tee and Top Tracer on the range. Tee It Up is not just golf, we have cozy spots for everyone to enjoy during their visit. We Do NOT serve beer or wine, but you can BYOC (Bring Your Own Cooler). Our kitchen is available if you would like to order in or feel free to use our fridge or microwave. You can reserve the space for private events. Choose from a variety of seating options and relax on our patio. All of this is FOR YOU to enjoy your time at Tee It Up!


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