Power Tee Guest Blog with Tyler Carlo, General Manager at Bogeys Sports Park

My name is Tyler Carlo, and I am the General Manager at Bogeys Sports Park in Richmond, Virginia. I have been at Bogeys since 2016 and have truly enjoyed seeing the change golf has gone through since I arrived. My career in golf is different than most you will find in this industry. I played about every other sport when I was a kid except for golf. It really wasn’t until the end of college I acquired an old set of clubs and started playing and truly enjoyed it, this evolved into a job at a driving range as a means of having free golf. When the opportunity came available for the General Manager position at Bogeys, it’s something I knew I would enjoy and sure enough the last six years have been great.

Since taking over Bogeys there has been a major change in golf, part of that being from the Covid-19 pandemic and bringing more golfers to the game. Another reason is driving ranges and golf courses trying to mimic Top Golf and creating a social atmosphere. I think everybody wants to try out new facilities and find the best thing. Now people are coming for a night out with friends and family and end up really enjoying the golf aspect. With Power Tee on the range people really enjoy it and how easy it is to use. These people become regulars because of Power Tee.

We had 14 machines installed at Bogeys Sports Park in 2016. I decided to go with Power Tee because I appreciated how easy they were to use and believed that these machines would help me stand out from local driving ranges. Since we installed Power Tee customers have had nothing but good things to say about them.

I have gotten a lot more loyal following of customers and believe Power Tee has a lot to do with that. We have seen an increase in revenue almost every year since we installed Power Tee. For any driving range owners looking to increase revenue and bring in more customers Power Tee is the way to go, we don’t regret our decision to install one bit, once our lease was up, it was a no brainer to sign another extension.


About Bogeys Sports Park 

Bogeys Sports Park is in Richmond, Virginia’s West End. Bogeys Sports Park offers Mini Golf, Batting Cages a 40-bay driving range, Little Links, Events, Lessons and more. Bogeys is the only range in town with Power Tee the worlds #1 automated teeing system. Our mats are maintained in the finest condition, and we replace all of our range balls every year to provide you with the best range experience in town. For more information on Bogeys Sports call 804-784-1544 or email Tyler Carlo at tyler@bogeyssportspark.com.


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