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Power Tee is far Superior to Mere Golf Mats/Practice Mats

If you are a golf fanatic, a golf club owner, or a driving range owner, you must have thought of getting a golf practice mat. However, you might have wondered how you find the right golf mat to give the perfect golf experience. Various levels of quality are available with different levels of durability and performance. Today we will make the decision easier for you by talking about Power Tee golf mats.

What is Power Tee?

Power Tee is the world's premier automated teeing system that helps golfers of all levels practice and builds a base for excellence. It features patented technology that has been perfected over years of engineering, which ensures a perfect swing. Power Tee is endorsed by the 2018 USA Ryder Cup Captain Jim Furyk, 2018 Team Europe Ryder Cup Captain Thomas Bjorn, and Mitchell Spearman, an elite golf instructor to many PGA professionals. So, you can imagine the quality we are talking about.

Why Power Tee?

With twenty-six years of experience in the industry, Power Tee is installed in 84% of all driving ranges in the UK and can be found in 18 countries, teeing up six million golf balls a day. We don't expect a basic golf mat to increase your range or club's revenue. But when you install Power Tee in your facility, expect a 25-40% increase in revenue. If you put in some marketing and push it to your golfers, you will be far more than 40%. Power Tee will generate more money than any mat ever will. Mauricio Galante, President of Golf Center of Arlington - a GRAA Voted Top Driving Range- said, "We saw an increase in revenue immediately. I waited too long to install Power Tee!"

Power Tee Benefits levels of golfers in a way that a basic mat will never do. It allows juniors to easily get the ball in the air and find a rhythm. Women and Seniors enjoy the ease at which a power Tee can be used. That is, they can control the tee height with a push of a button and don't need to bend over to tee up the ball constantly. Low-handicap golfers can work on the intricacies of their swing without ever getting out of position. If they want to work on a draw or fade, they can do so and find a consistent swing that allows them to work on that facet of their game. Nick Prokosa, Wedges and Woods Owner, said, "Power Tee is a great addition to our facility. We do a lot of handicap-accessible clinics here, so it's been a huge benefit for them since the system is very inclusive."

Power Tee does not leave golfers picking off green residue off the back of their clubs like you would with other golf mats. After some time in the elements of the outdoors, golf mats will harden up and can cause serious pain and damage to senior golfers. Here at Power Tee, we have the softest mats available that create a real feel swing that no other golf mat will be able to rival. Arock-Hardogolf mat and chewed-up grass are not good options. Power Tee creates a better option for golf clubs, especially late in the day after your only options are hit to chewed-off golf clubs.


What are the Benefits of Power Tee?

  • Helps create rhythm and build muscle memory.
  • The fastest way to a better swing.
  • Attracts young and beginner golfers.
  • Maximum repetition builds confidence.
  • Makes practice fun instead of frustrating.

How Does Power Tee Work?

To get started, you need to load up balls in the hopper. A ball will come up on the tee automatically after loading. The tee has up to 40 adjustable tee heights. To adjust the height, touch the lower button on the control panel. The adjustable tee heights mean there is always a tee height perfect for the club you are practicing with. This ensures a perfect swing every time you hit the golf ball. The Fiber-built Strike Mat and the cushioned standing mat, the highest quality golf mats in the industry, ensure a comfortable experience.

Power Tee's practice system is an effective golfers' aid thanks to its proven quality that gives solid experiences. It has eventually proven to be a big revenue generator for the golf industry, more so for golf driving ranges. However, even retailers have the benefits of Power Tee. Customers can try out irons and drivers and compare brands without having to be on a golf course with the dealer. Edwin Watts, Manager from Jacksonville Beach, Florida, can attest to this as they have had Power Tees in his store for almost a decade. "Power Tee is a game changer for us as it has exponentially increased the first-time closing ratio in our store," he said.

The installation of Power Tee is not a problem as it is perfectly designed for different places such as the driving range, golf clubs, and even homes. There are more than 6 million golf balls per day teed up with Power Tee's awarded golf practice aid in 18 different countries. Power Tee units are installed at St. Andrews, the Belfry Manor, Le Golf National (2018 Cup Host), and other prestigious locations around the world.

It is now evident that Power Tee is far superior to a regular golf mat. Power Tee's phenomenal results are because of its deep-seated commitment to quality and the fact that golfers love Power Tee. They can hit more balls per hour while on the range and are willing to travel further and pay more for the privilege of using Power Tee. Thus, if you are a driving range or country club owner, you know the golf mat to go for. Here at Power Tee, we want you to raise your game despite your skill level or the skill level of your clients. We can confidently say that with Power Tee, you will get 100% value for your money. It is about time you bought a Power Tee practice system!

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