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Power Tee Looks To Enhance Golfer Experience in Salem, Virginia at Lakeside Golf Center

Learn what makes Power Tee a perfect fit for your driving range.

PONTE VEDRA, FL – Technology in the game of golf has become increasingly popular in the past few years. Driving ranges and golf courses are adding tech to their facilities across the country. Nancy White, Power Tee operator and owner of Mulligans Driving Range said it best, “If you don't bring technology to your range, you will get left behind".

This movement has opened a new and surprising revenue source for driving ranges all across the world. Lakeside Golf Center is just one of the many recent Power Tee customers to come on board. With over 100 locations in the U.S, Power Tee is suited for driving ranges of all sizes. Game On Golf Center in White Plains New York being the biggest at 58 units to small facilities like Deer Creek RV Golf & Country with 5 units.

Lakeside Golf Center is a small-scale range located in Salem, Virginia. Keven Poff has owned the facility since 2004 and recently looked to make some upgrades to the facility. After relocating and upgrading the pro shop Keven looked into installing Power Tee in his covered area. When asked what made Keven want to install Power Tee, he said this,” I think it is a neat product that golfers are going to love. My hope is when people want to hit balls they will think of Power Tee and come to Lakeside Golf Center”.

Power Tee CEO Martin Wyeth had this to say about the recent partnership with Lakeside Golf Center, “We are excited to have Lakeside Golf Center on board with us. I believe Keven will see a great deal of success in adding Power Tee to the range, making him one of the premier ranges in his area”.

To learn more about Power Tee, visit here or email evan@powertee.com

About Power Tee

Power Tee is the world's premier automated teeing system and is currently installed and featured at 80 percent of the golf ranges in the U.K, including St. Andrews, The Belfry, and Celtic Manor. Power Tee offices are in Jacksonville, FL, and Swindon, U.K., Power Tee is currently automating the bays in ranges in 18 countries, teeing up more than 6 million balls each day.  You can reach our main office at 877-769-3781


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