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Power Tee, St Andrews, And The Icons In The Game Of Golf

With the 150th playing of the Open here, it’s exciting to be associated with St Andrews. Power Tee has been installed at St. Andrews for decades now, serving guests and giving them the proper driving range experience.

Just this morning as the first groups worked their way into and out of St. Andrews, the commentators talked about my first icon of the game; "Old Tom Morris", four-time Open winner and some say father of the modern game. Among his innovations were wider fairways to ease maintenance and speed up play, larger greens to make the game easier and faster, hazard/bunker maintenance (back in the day most bunkers were unkept and almost always unplayable). Pretty much all the above make the game easier and more fun!

My second icon of choice is Jack Nicklaus. Jack used to prepare for majors by hitting every shot on the range from a tee. According to Jim McLean, Jack would tee up shots from wedges to driver then head to the putting green to sink as many 2 footers as he could in the time he allotted. I recently heard an account of a fan asking why he practiced such short putts before playing. The answer was "I want to practice making putts, not missing them before I compete" Bobby Jones and Power Tee Ambassador Jim Furyk were adamant about not warming up out of a beat-up practice tee.

The icon in today’s game is clearly Tiger Woods, nobody has ever quite moved the needle like Tiger. My reaction of dread was not solitary when Tiger's opening tee shot found the middle of a divot. With his injury limiting his amount of play, the need for an opening par was crucial. What should have been a simple 100-yard approach shot was transformed into a dreadful wedge for arguably the most formidable player ever to live.

The common theme is it's not a crime to make golf easier, confidence comes from hitting good shots, something that is almost impossible on a beat-up tee line. If you want to warm up or practice on a system that grows confidence and aids consistency, then think about adding Power Tee to your practice area, it will be the best investment you’ve made to your facility!

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Martin Wyeth


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