With Founder and CEO Martin Wyeth

In today’s world, life can hand you plenty of lemons and as we all know you take these lemons and do the best you can with them. I have found this so true when traveling around the USA and demonstrating Power Tee to seasoned experienced range operators.

For many years now, I have found that you can easily spend a whole days’ worth of driving for a Power Tee demonstration and the range owner or decision maker decide they can’t or don’t want to meet with you. For as long as I have been meeting with range owners and course operators, I have found they can be very single minded and not want to listen to what Power Tee has to offer for their business. It’s easy to get frustrated, but for every lemon you get, it’s the peaches that keeping you going.

This past week while demonstrating in New York with our Northeast Sales Rep Mike Meleski we received a last-minute cancellation for a mid-day demonstration. While we were scrambling to find the nearest golf range to visit, we found a range nearby. I prefer not to do drop-in meetings with range owners, its intrusive and I do not like it when people do it to me. I sent Mike in with a brochure and instructions not to be too pushy. After waiting no more than five minutes Mike came out with the owner to see the demo unit.

After introductions with the owner, he told us he was aware of Power Tee, but had some questions. While talking about his vision for the facility and how he had gotten his business to where it is today, one of his customers exited the range, bag on shoulder and noticed the Power Tee demo trailer. The gentleman wondered over and said “man these machines are awesome” that’s nice I thought and before I could say anything he continued and said, “I used these in South Carolina at LJ’s Par and Grill, and they were great. I was with my six-year-old and we must have gone through five buckets of balls”.

Even the range owner had to break into a wry smile, the customer enquired enthusiastically “Are you installing them here? That would be great”! We haven’t done a deal yet, but the U.S is swinging wildly in our favor, just as the UK did when word got out that golfers LOVE Power Tee.

Contact 877 POWERT1 to book a demonstration with Power Tee or visit our website for more information. Please be there when we arrive, we will bring you peaches!



Check out some photos from our 90 machine install we are completing in Austin, Texas!




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