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Meet the Power Tee US Install Team!

We've got tons of great people working with us at Power Tee, and we thought today we'd introduce more of them to you! 

Our installation team are the awesome guys who travel out to the ranges in the US and work hard to put the Power Tees in. They also help build demonstration trailers, put together the stand at every PGA Merchandise Show, and much much more. Without them, we wouldn't be able to bring Power Tee to you, and that would be awful!

So - first up is BJ! 

, better known as BJ, has been with Power Tee since December of 2001! He started with Power Tee in the UK - after assisting with some UK installations, Martin and Clare realized what an asset he was and hired him on full-time. He moved across the pond to Florida in November 2009 to help start the US Power Tee headquarters and installations. To date, BJ has installed over 4,000 Power Tees!!! He has 4 sons, the oldest of which you'll learn about later! His favorite food is chicken wings, and he said he would LOVE to be surprised by some today - we'll definitely get to work on that, BJ.  

snow install 2BJ - all smiles after a very snowy installation at McGolf in Dedham, MA

Next up - Dylan!

Dylan has been with Power Tee for about two and a half years, and is an integral part of our install team. He has a background in construction and assists the team with installations and other major build projects - including demo trailers (pictured below) and the booth setup and tear down for the PGA Merchandise Shows! Outside of Power Tee, he loves playing guitar and has been playing for 9 years! His favorite food is sushi and his favorite artist is Bon Iver. We're so glad Dylan is a part of our team! 

bj dylan golfBJ and Dylan golfing on a demo unit - we'll pretend Dylan's shot went straight!

Finally, Cameron!

Cameron is BJ's oldest son. He came to the Power Tee team in September of 2018. He also graduated from high school in 2018 - and even though he's young, he's learned tons from his dad and brings talent (and great jokes) to Power Tee. He has been on several Power Tee installation trips and was a huge help to us at the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show. He's also really good at the saxophone - he's been playing since 6th grade and occasionally plays for us in the office! Cameron will be going off to Air Force Basic Training in late March, and while we'll miss him, we're so proud of him and know he'll do great things for our country! 

camCammy working on some Fiberbuilt mats! (Don't worry, the glasses came off just for this photo!)

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