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Pebble Beach Recap: Phil! Phil! Phil!

The AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am brought out the best in Hollywood, and, as usual, the best in Phil Mickelson. And when I say "best", I mean his best golf, not his best attitude. 

Because boy, did he really want to finish up on Sunday - darkness, rules and Paul Casey be damned. 

If you didn't watch, the weekend was peppered with storms, which delayed play - especially on Sunday. So, as darkness fell and Phil (with a 3-stroke lead) and Paul Casey approached the 16th green, it was clearly too dark to continue the hole, let alone the round. Phil finished up 16, but Paul Casey opted to putt 16 first thing Monday morning and then finish out the round. Phil wasn't pleased at all with this, as he was playing an amazing round and didn't want to stop! 

But, the Monday finish happened and Phil prevailed for his 5th Pebble Beach Pro-Am victory. 
By Jim Epler from San Diego, USA

Here's where it gets interesting.

Phil is obviously dominant at Pebble Beach. He has also never won a U.S. Open to finish out his career "Grand Slam" by winning all four major tournaments. 

Well, wouldn't luck have it - this year's U.S. Open is at none other than Pebble Beach!

The cherry on top? Sunday's round at the U.S. Open this year will fall on Phil's 49th birthday. 

Obviously very few things in life, and in sport, are guarantees - but I'd bet on Phil at the U.S. Open this year (barring injury or the flu or a lightning strike). 

Oh, also: Power Tee Ambassador Jim Furyk's celebrity partner, Tony Romo, hit the best shot of the whole weekend. See for yourself:

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