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Power Tee and Charity

With the excitement from the Ryder Cup fading, I wanted to let you know about a charity fundraiser we did during the Ryder Cup for a charity close to us: The Tesori Family Foundation. 

Paul Tesori is Ryder Cup player Webb Simpson's longtime caddie. Along with his wife Michelle, Paul Tesori created a foundation to help children with special needs by creating "Buddy Bags", hosting golf clinics, and supporting other charities in the Northeast Florida area and beyond. 

For every point Webb Simpson scored at the Ryder Cup, Power Tee and others pledged $20.18 towards the Tesori Family Foundation. In addition, for every retweet on our tweet announcing our charity matching, we donated an additional $1.
In all, Webb Simpson scored 2 points, totaling $40.36, and after 16 shares on Twitter and 13 shares on Facebook (and some rounding), Power Tee pledged $100.
But, if that was the end of the ordeal, this would be a very boring blog post.
We also held our own office Ryder Cup pool - the results of which are below:
ryder cup pool final
Team "Brooks Koepka RULES" (obviously me) suffered devastating blows after Tiger and Patrick Reed's collapse and never recovered. Sigh.
Team N F G is Power Tee's Managing Director, Matt Foley. He runs the UK side of the business and apparently is a bloody good guesser!
He's also a "top bloke", as they say, because he donated his $100 Ryder Cup office pool winnings to the Tesori Foundation. 
With our $100 raised and Matt's $100 given from his winnings, we raised $200 for the Tesori Foundation during the Ryder Cup!
We love the Tesori family and all that they've done for our community, and we look forward to raising more money for them in the future!

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