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Silly Rabbit, Power Tee is for Kids!

Power Tee isn't just an adult way to practice golf, improve your game, or blow off steam after work with a bucket of balls. Kids love Power Tee too!

Power Tee is a great tool to help kids learn to like and play golf, improve their swing and stance, and practice hand-eye coordination. 

Let's learn a little bit about these three Power Tee fans:

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The hot shot on the left is Tommy Morrissey. He is a 0 handicap junior golfer, which is amazing on its own. But - Tommy Morrissey only has ONE arm. He is competing against able-bodied kids, and beating them all over the course! Tommy is nothing short of incredible, and his swing will leave you amazed and inspired. Check him out competing against PGA Tour golfers in the "One-Arm Challenge".

The tutu-clad girl in the middle is Izabelle Spearman, daughter of Mitchell Spearman, elite golf instructor to PGA Professionals and Power Tee Ambassador. I'm jealous - I wish I could play golf in a tutu and not look like this:


Izabelle Spearman may be the daughter of a golf instructor, but that doesn't mean the talent is genetic! Mitchell knew how important it was to get his daughter practicing golf early and often, so he bought a Power Tee for his garage so Izabelle could easily practice anytime she wanted. She loved Power Tee and how the ball came right back up after she hit - it was like a game in itself! As time went on, her swing got better and better. Watch Izabelle's first time on Power Tee, and then watch her swing only 6 months later! 

Last but not least: the striker on the right is Max, the oldest son of Martin and Clare, Power Tee's Inventor/CEO and CFO! Needless to say, Max is no stranger to Power Tee. He loves practicing on the simulator in his home, the Power Tee unit in his backyard, or taking lessons from this guy:

Jim Furyk and Max check grip

Maybe Max will shoot a 58 one day too! Max likes Power Tee because it makes practice so easy - no need to bend over and re-tee the ball, so you can just focus on hitting the spot! Speaking of which, watch Max's on-target shot and his pure, unfiltered joy. 

If you'd like to help your kids or grand-kids fall in love with golf and enjoy practicing so much more, visit a Power Tee range today, or purchase your own Home Use Unit for inside or outside your home!

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