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#ThursdayBirdDay - A Tradition Unlike Any Other

If you follow our social media accounts (which you should - if not here's our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) you may notice that Thursdays are... a little different. 

If you've ever golfed, you know that there are many hazards on the golf course: water, sand traps, the occasional alligator. But no hazard is more unpredictable and more terrifying than the BIRD.


Our friends and customers at Haggin Oaks Golf Complex started #ThursdayBirdDay - where you post videos and photos of birds on and off the golf course - having fun, swimming, terrorizing golfers, eating golf balls. You know, normal bird things...have you video taped any of the shenanigans?  Please post them, tag us as we are loving Thursdays now more than ever before!


We never pass up the opportunity to laugh, so we put on our ornithological hats and join them every Thursday in posting our favorite birds. The results have been amazing. 

Here's our #ThursdayBirdDay post for today: 


Wow...don't mess with geesE...THIS POOR man, I cannot image how he was feeling after this attack, I am speechless or almost "without words". They're so mean! I think we'll just call that a "birdie".

You can take a look at some past #ThursdayBirdDay posts by clicking here, or just search for #ThursdayBirdDay on Twitter to follow the hilarity.


Also, if you have a bird, like birds, dislike birds, or enjoy watching birds mess with golfers, join in with us! Just post a bird video or photo on Thursdays and use the hashtag #ThursdayBirdDay - we will 1) laugh and 2) retweet it!

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