Did Somebody Order a 58 Special: How Power Tee Met Jim Furyk

Posted by Clare Dibley on September 13, 2018 at 10:57 AM

We are very excited to have Power Tee’s CFO, Clare Dibley, writing our blog today!

Clare will tell the story of how world-renowned golfer and the only player to ever shoot 58 in a Tour event, Jim Furyk was introduced to our product, what he likes about it, and why he decided to come on board with Power Tee as a Brand Ambassador.


As you may know, Power Tee started out in Swindon, U.K. We were first introduced to Jim Furyk by a mutual friend, Phil Robinson. Phil is a fellow Brit who lives out here in Ponte Vedra, where our U.S. Headquarters is located. 

In his previous position as Director of PGA Tour Operations for Orlimar Golf Company, Phil was fortunate to have Jim Furyk as a "Staff Player". Jim was already a Tour Winner, so this was quite a coup for Orlimar, a small company.

When we approached Phil in 2015 about the possibility of bringing Jim in as a spokesperson for Power Tee, he told us that we were seeking the right guy, as Phil knew that he would only endorse products he believes in and trusts. Phil then called Jim's father, Mike Furyk, because he and Jim very much consider themselves to be a team.  

Jim Furyk and Power Tee

Jim and Mike came to our home to see Power Tee – we have 2 units set up outdoors with a small net that our kids enjoy using. Jim’s aim was amazing. He plopped several balls squarely into the center of our koi pond and it appeared that he was very quick to see the benefits of Power Tee.

Jim has had several wrist issues in the past. As soon as he stepped on the Power Tee mat, he felt comfortable swinging on it and knew it would help his game. Since the mats are designed to be low-impact, he would be able to practice without fear of the club jamming against the mat and causing him injury, which he loved.


We struck up a great relationship and one day, during lunch with Mike, Power Tee's CEO Martin asked him why they had chosen to endorse Power Tee. At this point, we had made a huge change to the way people practice their golf in UK, but we had really not made any huge strides in the US market at the time.

Mike’s response was simple: "We think it’s a great product and we’d like to help it succeed".

Jim now has a gorgeous Power Tee unit (if we do say so ourselves) in his backyard. 

Furyk 2

Roll on to 2018, we are delighted to have both Ryder Cup Captains endorse Power Tee in the year it is hosted by Le Golf National, who has been a Power Tee customer since 2014.

Jim Furyk and Max lesson

Jim giving my son a golf lesson!

Over the years we have enjoyed a good rapport with Jim and have been very happy to support the Furyk Foundation, especially their Hope for the Holidays event in December which has been going on for 6 years.

furyk foundationPhoto credit: Jon Blauvelt

Jim has been essential to the success of our product in the United States. He is a true family man, and he and his wife, Tabitha, do so much for the local community here in Jacksonville. Power Tee is so honored to have such a great golfer, role model, and person as our Brand Ambassador.

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