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The End User License Agreement.

The End User License Agreement states that if you use the Power Tee Home Use for commercial purposes, the warranty is voided.Power Tee Home Use is not to be used for commercial purposes. Buyer should be careful using Power Tee for indoor use as projecting golf balls can be dangerous.


If you would like to use Power Tee for commercial purposes, please contact us for a commercial upgrade package. You can access and download the End User License Agreement by clicking the button below.

The Limited Use Consumer Warranty.

states that the warranty on Home Use Power Tee systems is 5 years from the date of purchase. Normal wear and tear from use is not warranted.


You can contact us directly regarding repairs, returns or reimbursements. This document also outlines the arbitration process and additional applicable laws.You can access and download the Limited Use Consumer Warranty by clicking the button below.