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The concept behind Power Tee is one of pure simplicity in that it allows the golfer to stay perfectly set up and focused throughout a practice session. Using the alignment system developed with Jim Furyk, you can secure a perfect setup and alignment to make sure that you are always swinging on the correct plane.


The best way to ensure you will always get a perfect setup? Bring home your very own Power Tee for backyard golf, indoor golf, your very own golf range at home!


Power Tee unit comes with a 5 year warranty.

Each Home Use Power Tee unit comes with a 5 year warranty. You must agree to the End User License Agreement which states that these units are for home use only.

For more information on warranty and EULA, click here.

Power Tee is the ultimate practice tool for golfers of any level, age, and ability:


Scratch Golfers

Low to zero-handicap golfers love Power Tee because it helps them perfect and fine-tune their swing, even in the off-season. Don't just practice like a pro, practice like a legend. Bring home the same Power Tee used by Jim Furyk, Thomas Bjørn, Jason Dufner, Mitchell Spearman, and many other PGA Golfers and Professionals. Watch videos of professional golfers using Power Tee here.


New and High-Handicap Golfers

Power Tee is the perfect tool to help a new golfer find their ideal swing. Not having to re-adjust after every ball helps the golfer get more good repetitions during each practice session. Also, it's fun! Hitting golf balls off a Power Tee helps reduce stress, and is an enjoyable way to get some exercise. Watch videos to see what Power Tee can teach you here.



Kids LOVE Power Tee! Give your children or grandchildren all the fun of golf without any of the hassle. Power Tee is the ultimate tool for teaching children how to properly swing, growing their fine motor skills and coordination, and helping them enjoy the game of golf from a young age. Kids as young as two have learned to swing, and had tons of fun, with Power Tee. Watch videos of children enjoying Power Tee here.


Seniors and Disabled Golfers

Seniors can stay fit and keep their golf skills intact by getting Power Tee for their home. Disabled golfers may not be able to use a traditional driving range or golf course, so Power Tee is a fantastic option for golfers with disabilities. Bending over to tee your ball is a thing of the past with Power Tee. Watch videos of senior and disabled golfers here.


Struck a thousand plus times per day

The Power Tee is extremely reliable and has been built to be struck a thousand plus times per day.

We can provide blueprint

Power Tee can send you the blueprint for an experienced contractor to build, or for an additional fee, Power Tee can build a custom platform for you.

Can be installed anywhere

Power Tee can be installed flush-mounted in concrete or wood, or built into a 10" high platform to accommodate the ball feeding system.

Supports all golf simulation systems

Power Tee can be used with flight monitors, tracking systems, and all golf simulation systems.

5-year warranty

Power Tee Home Use comes with a 5-year warranty on all moving parts and electronics.

Best synthetic hitting surfaces

Power Tee is equipped with two of the best synthetic hitting surfaces in the world.

Indoors or Outdoors

Power Tee can be installed indoors or outdoors.

Just need 10 feet ceiling height

For an indoor installation, the minimum ceiling height will be 10 feet.

The FAQs

The tee heights are approximately the same the world over but there will be variances between the units. Generally, the lowest height is 6-10mm above the level of the mat and the top one is approximately 44mm above the mat. The other 2 heights are roughly equidistant between the top and bottom height so you can expect them to be approximately;

Lowest - 10mm Next - 21mm
Next - 32mm Top - 44mm


Interested in purchasing, but wish to speak to one of our experts?

Each Power Tee Home Use unit comes with detailed installation instructions and unlimited telephone support. For more information on Home Use Power Tees, call us at +1 (877) 769-3781, or email us at info@powertee.com.